Carla & Jordi’s invitation

Carla and Jordi were getting married and wanted to gather their friends and family on that very special day in a very special way, so we did a very special invitation. Pretty special, huh?


  • Concept and script
  • Set: oil pastel on cardboard
  • Shoot
  • Video editing


Thanks to Carla and Jordi for blindly trusting our idea and being such awesome actors themselves!

Carla and Jordi wanted to get married, but they didn't want an ordinary wedding. From start to finish they tried to do something different and special. That's why they reached out to us hoping we could come up with an original idea for their wedding invitation.

And that's what we did: we created a stop-motion short film with them as actors inviting their loved ones to join them on what was going to be their most special day (to date). 


Working with OLBP was so easy. They understood what we wanted to do right away, so when they added their original ideas, we achieved an unbelievable result!

Carla, Barcelona

We filled the amazing scenery - the grand rural house where they were going to get married and its surroundings - with handmade cardboard elements. Birds, signs, and even a car for them to "drive".

We immersed them in an imaginary world that gave birth to a super cute, fresh, and fun invitation. They loved it!


We 100% recommend their professionalism and organisation!

Jordi, Barcelona

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