Jordi’s Voucher

We have all been in the situation where we want to make a present, but we need the person to try it on or you would rather have them to pick it first. Well, you don't need to spoil the surprise or give a lame card: make it also personal!


  • Ink
  • Coloured pencils


Thanks to Rosa Mari for trusting us on doing a very personal voucher for his son

Rosa Mari wanted to give her son Jordi a new pair of trainers for his birthday. Problem is - and always has been - that he is quite picky... She usually solves it by just giving him money, which is not the most emotional way to do it. 

This year though, she decided to surprise him with something different. That's why she reached out to us. She shared a bit of her son's life and hobbies and we came up with this humorous representation of Jordi and his many duties. Rosa Mari told us he has the voucher hanging on the wall!


When I saw the voucher I could totally see myself! Hahaha. So funny. Maybe I'm not THAT strong, though. But it was a very nice drawing, I still have it on the wall!

Jordi, Barcelona

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