Laura’s wedding surprise

Laura and Marc met at the end of the world and they didn't stop walking together ever since. Marc wanted to surprise his wife-to-be on their wedding day with this unique book that tells their love story.


  • Ink
  • Pencil
  • Collage


Thanks to Marc, for his openness and detail-filled stories


I wanted something emotional for Laura, but I'm really not creative at all... OLBP guided me, and, after explaining our story, they portrayed it in such cute drawings... Laura loved it!

Marc, Dubai

Marc wanted to surprise Laura on their wedding day with this unique present that he knew would move her. Their quirky love story drawn on a book with them as the only possible main characters.

After telling us their amazing journey together, Marc gave us complete freedom to draw it however we thought was best. Laura still looks at it every now and then remembering, nostalgic, the day she got it.


I didn't expect a hand-made present. But when I opened the book, I loved the imagination in each page and how it could tell so much in only a drawing... We have shown it to lots of friends and everybody loves it!

Laura, Dubai

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