Pau without Ju

Paula wanted to be original, cute and funny on her first year anniversary. Joan is not an easy-to-impress boyfriend, so she got in touch and, as they say... the rest is history!


  • Chalk Marker
  • Colour Pencils


Thanks to Paula for letting our imagination fly with no restrictions

Paula wanted to surprise Joan after one year together, but she wasn't sure how. She wanted something original and funny, but at the same time cute and emotional. THAT was the brief.

With that in mind, we proposed this hand-made "Me without you" book. With complete freedom to play with rhymes and humorous drawings, she told us we achieved the desired effect: Joan didn't see this one coming. Loved it, laughed with it and found it VERY original. Success!


I would have never thought of a present like this. I found it so cute and funny. Not sure how I'm gonna top this on our next anniversary...!

Joan, Barcelona


I had no idea what to do... He is so hard to give presents to! He is 'meh...'. So I wanted to make sure he couldn't 'meh' me. And boy, he didn't! He laughed a lot and really really liked it! This won't be the last time I get in touch with OLBP!

Paula, Barcelona

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