Saül’s 7 Balls

Saül was turning 30 and his friends didn't want this birthday to be stored away with the others. They wanted to do something he wouldn't ever forget. We had a very key piece of information: he is a massive fan of Dragon Ball. Can you imagine what idea we came up with?


  • Concept
  • Project management
  • Video editing


Thanks to all of Saül's friends, who had no problem with plunging into the concept and delivered some amazing scenes!

When we received the brief for this project we couldn't believe our luck. A massive fan of Dragon Ball and a group of people more than happy to do anything we would propose?

Oh yeah! We contacted all of Saül's friends and family and asked them to do a scene of the anime series. We couldn't believe the gems we received!

This is the perfect example of how each person has something different that allows us to propose a very unique present. In this case, Saül was shocked by how far his loved ones were willing to go for him!


Unforgettable, amazing, shockingly surprising, thrilling... I don't have enough words! It was unique. A once in a lifetime present!

Saül, Barcelona

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