Welcome Emilia

An original way to surprise a family that just welcomed a newborn at home: a personalised drawing filled with inner jokes, details, and anecdotes they can treasure forever.


  • Ink
  • Watercolour
  • Collage

Emilia - named after the Italian region where her dad was born - popped into this world while the 'famiglia' waited impatiently for her to arrive.

Her devoted parents, loving big brother and Mr Trentotto The Cat will always protect her from any danger. Trentotto, specifically, will make sure that no fly sneaking into the house does any harm - it will look like an accident. No judgments here.


I've never been pleased with family pictures, it's not our thing. But when I saw the drawing, I knew that was our portrait. Each detail is part of us, and you can tell it's done with such care!

Helena, Barcelona

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